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How to use Markmaze like a pro

New search

If you just came up with a name for your company or product/service — check your name through registered trademarks database in all possible spellings. How to do a search.

There are three kinds of trademark searches: for identity, presence, and similarity. Identical trademarks are easy to spot. Presence is when your mark is a part of another, whether there are just a few syllables or a whole word. A similarity is a risk only if there is a threatening level of confusion — if your name or logo does look like those already on the market so that people can confuse them with one another.

Trademark is not registered

Didn’t find any identical or similar marks?
Congratulations, there are no trademarks like yours, registered by anyone.
But don’t start a party yet.

The absence of registered trademarks is not a guarantee that you will not have problems in the future.

Russian IP Office registers about 50,000 new trademarks each year and receives two times more of applications. Every day Russian PTO receives up to 200 new trademark applications. What do you think is a probability that among those is the one that will put your business at risk?

Priority date

It doesn’t matter who was the first to come up with the name. Who were the first to apply, those gets a priority date, and the right to prohibit the use of a trademark by others.

Search all databases

How to protect your name and your company?

To begin with, do a search in all available databases, where you can find out all the marks registered and submitted for registration, as well as those protected in Russia due to international agreements with other countries.
Have you checked and found similar marks? Do not panic and do not try solving the problem yourself — consult a professional.

How to do a search?

1. Register and log in

2. Top-up the balance

3. Enter the number or name in the search form.

4. Select a database

5. Degree of similarity

6. Nice classes

7. The search

8. Understanding the results

9. Automatic update

10. Search history

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