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About us

Every week hundreds of trademark applications filed via WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva receive provisional and total refusals from the Russian PTO. At the same time in Moscow, about 20,000 trademark application are rejected every year, when filed to the Russian PTO directly.

A key reason for refusals is similar trademarks, that could be easily found in trademark databases.

Markmaze was created as a fast and simple tool to get access to all trademark and application databases to check risks before filing out an application.

Our tool is made for entrepreneurs and business owners, lawyers and trademark attorneys, and naming and branding agencies so they could:

Our co-founders

Svetlana Tsareva

Svetlana has 12+ years of experience in Intellectual Property law. She is a certified Russian trademark attorney. After working for 7 years for leading Russian consulting law firms and FMCG and financial companies, Svetlana started her own law practice at IP Bureau. After getting an LL.M. in American Business Law and an MBA at the business school in San Francisco she co-founded Markmaze.

Svetlana and her team of lawyers at IP Bureau had quite a few cases with clients from all over the world who received refusals in the registration of their trademarks by the Russian IP Office. Thus, she created an algorithm for Markmaze that was based on real-life trademark refusals. Markmaze will give you the same results as you would get during trademark examination in the Russian PTO. Svetlana wants to give international businesses and law firms a chance to prevent the refusal and minimize risks even before they file their trademark application or subsequent designation with WIPO or the Russian PTO.

Ilya Tsarev

Ilya is accomplished software developer and software engineering manager with 12+ years of experience. He created multi-million record database driven applications and managed web-development departments for leading Russian and US-based companies. Ilya got his MBA at Hult International Business School in San Francisco. He brings together well-known Russian quality of software development and modern technologies of Silicon Valley.

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